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Centennial Commemorative
April 14th/15th, 2012

In Remembrance of the 100th Anniversary
of the Sinking of RMS Titanic

Events in her honour both days aboard RMS Queen Mary, and luncheon aboard the Sapphire Princess in Los Angeles Harbor
April 14th - 11:30am to 3:00pm

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Our Mission:
To Record, Preserve and Disseminate the History of Engine-Powered Vessels.

About this Site:
Please feel free to use this site to look into some of the history of the West Coast via our "Ocean Times" newsletter. In "Ocean Times" all of the articles and photographs are original works by our own local members (click below).

Write to the "Ocean Times" editor to ask questions, obtain information for your personal research or just to satisfy your curiosity on a subject. Just click on the e-mail link and ask away!

Bottom Line:
Many of our families who immigrated over fifty years ago came to America via the great fleet of ocean liners, combination cargo/passenger liners, worked their way across on a tramp steamer or whatever - it took the ships to get them here. Many of our families have earned their livings on the vessels of the inland and ocean lanes of commerce and contributed greately to our personal and community heritage - this is the history of those vessels.

Enjoy your journey through the pages of the Steamship Historical Society of America, Southern California Chapter.


The Steamship Historical Society (SSHSA) is an organization dedicated to preserving artifacts and memories from the Steamship days of the past. Our Mission is to make available Steamship information and to encourage conservation efforts. Through SSHSA membership we initiate and support preservation movements, exchange research information and generate funds for a library operation, for art work restoration and safekeeping and for exhibits. Our members find it fun and rewarding to be in the society. We also publish STEAMBOAT BILL, our journal dedicated to steamship history, on a quarterly basis.

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