For the past 12 years, we've had many of the hundreds of thousands of kids we've seen at community, charity and hospital events wistfully ask if they could take a ride with Road Squadron and our Star Wars cars. This has never realistically been a possibility, until we though of doing it virtually, with the upcoming Star Wars convention as a worthy destination and fun points of interest on the way to stimulate the exploratory nature of kids whose exploration abilities are limited by their circumstances.

It's our thinking that we can provide an exciting virtual trip for the kids as we tweet, post, blog record and document our was from points around the country to Orlando and back. If you are willing to help get us on the road, we humbly ask if you might consider submitting a donation through PayPal. Many of you have been asking if that is an option anyway, and it looks like our best course of action.

On our end, we'll offer perks for different donation levels. (We even have some new, special ones to offer!*) And of course we'll record, tweet, blog, and otherwise keep you, along with our target audience of kids, informed as we roll across the country to our destination and back.

Even I have to admit this is one of the weirdest things we've ever asked people to join us for - among the 160 events we do annually for the 200+ charities we've assisted over 12 years, we haven't ever asked anyone else to become involved financially. Please believe us when we say that no one on this planet is appreciated more than you, the people who are inspired enough by our project to help us out. Thank you for your faith in us, and our goal; We're honored to have you along.

If you do want to take the ride with us, our account is: obishawn@gmail.com over at www.Paypal.com

Thanks, and may the Force be with you! :D


Shawn "Obi-Shawn" Crosby

Pilot /Builder - H- and Z-Wing Carfighters
Road Squadron

* Manny Cruz, MEPD squad car creator, has offered up 4 handmade, highly-accurate and wearable Clone Trooper helmets as perks, one each for a donations of $500 or more. We only have four of these, so they're a highly limited item! Let us know if you are interested!

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